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Handy News

Handy News
Handy News
Handy News

Handy News remove noise from the news and present you only the most important ones.
Handy News presents diverse perspectives from multiple trusted sources, and filters out fake news.
Handy News analyzes thousands of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now.
Unlike traditional news aggregators, which utilize crowd-sourcing and algorithms that reward clickbait and reinforce pre-existing bias, Handy News helps users understand the news objectively based on media bias, geographic location, and time.
Three types of news presentation: Timeline, World Map and Graph.

Key features:
- Ultra streamlined news experience
- Well-organized smart news aggregator
- Friendly interface and user experience, so you can consume all content comfortably
- Night mode and Compact mode available, allowing you to switch at any time